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We’re pleased to report that Saturday evenings Dinner/Hufli was a resounding success. All the expenses have been met and we can deposit a $10,059.80 profit into our 21st Century Endowment Fund.  Saturday’s St.George/ANFEH.COM Dinner-Hufli revitalized the 21st Century Endowment Fund. Thanks to ANFEH.COM all proceeds from this event were earmarked for the 21stCEF.  Each year ANFEH.COM sponsors a major fund-raiser designated to support a worthy cause.  We are grateful that this year’s event benefited the future of our parish.  ANFEH.COM is a vital part of our community and we thank them for making this evening so successful. Those who organized the Dinner/Hufli, those who donated and cooked food, and those who publicized, supported and attended this event are to be commended.  Today, thanks to this success, our 21stCEF stands at $449,099.  We’re only $50,000 from our $500,000 goal.  Now that the fund has been reactivated, we invite everyone to contribute to its success.  Please consider a donation to our 21st Century Endowment Fund.

Endow the Parish, Insure the Future, Grow the Fund


St. George 21st Century Endowment Fund 

Please accept the enclosed Gift of Support for the 21stCEF at St. George Church.


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[checks payable to ‘St. George Church’ with the memo ‘21st CEF’ should be mailed to

St. George Orthodox Church, 55 Emmonsdale Road, West Roxbury MA 02132-0002]


Note: This article was taken from the Sunday Bulletin published by St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church of Boston on June 04, 2006. Mailing List




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